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So a while back in my old journal, I wrote an open letter to an anonymous friend I once had. I just happened to reread it and while it is part pretentious asshattery (I hope two years ago I was as ironic as I like to think I was) it was also pretty cathartic at the time, because I had been thinking about the issues for longer than I really wanted. Talking to [profile] ky_rin and the bf last night made me remember that this kind of catharsis and honesty really is good to have once in a while, and that maybe some of you might also be in need or want of it right now, for whatever reason.

And it doesn't always have to be negative, or about/addressed to someone you might not particularly like at the moment. It could be something positive, about something someone did for you or to someone who greatly impacted your life. It could be to someone you miss, don't miss, don't care about anymore, wish you could have gotten to know better but didn't. It can be as vague or as candid as you wish. It doesn't even have to be anonymous (as in you don't have to be or your subject doesn't have to be). Just real.

Now if you're wondering if it's so important, why not just deal directly with the person in question? Well. Maybe you're not on speaking terms with them. Maybe you have no way to even contact them or know where they are. Maybe it's just not worth the effort of dealing with them. Maybe you don't even know them. This is just a forum to get the words out of your fingers and, hopefully, out of your thoughts.

I really hope you guys take to this idea. IP logging is off for the concerned.

Now, to put up or shut up:

Dear MI--

It's silly, but sometimes, after all these years, I still think about you, wonder how you're doing and if you're okay. It's silly because I hadn't known you for very long, a few months at most, but we talked a little and had good conversations and you became more than a username to me. Because yes, you were an internet friend, an lj friend, and suddenly, without warning, you vanished. I always imagined you would pop right back up with a rhyme and reason for the disappearance, but it never happened. So I was left to wonder, to fear the worst and hope for the best, because you were my friend, because you were a person.

I've since heard and seen things that could be attributed to an lj disappearance; parents finding accounts, simple disenchantment with lj--even death. Every time something like that happens I think briefly of you, because yours was the first personal disappearance, and it's hard to forget how my naive, well, idealism that you would come back slowly melted into worry and then resignation.

I do hope you're doing wonderfully, though, despite my anxious and wild imaginings. I hope you are still writing and loving and being the beautiful person I was just getting to know.

A nostalgic old friend


Jun. 13th, 2010 02:12 am
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feeling incredibly humbled right now.

no one should ever say they're useless or unimportant or insignificant or worthless and ever truly mean it. i could go on in a religious vein, of course, but mostly i just want to say: you never know how much you affect other people just by being there.

(and i would desecrate my alma mater's library study cubicles again in a heartbeat for you if you don't believe me.)

don't be selfish and diminish yourself when there are others (you might not see them now, but they're there!) who love you and think the world of you, mmkay?

and to you, of course, you know who you are: thanks again. ♥


hey guys. ♥ i know i'm not always around, even when i might not be doing anything productive at all, but i love you and think the world of you. talk to me. tell me how things are going with you. things bothering you. things you are grateful for. what you had for dinner/lunch/three-am-snack. anything and everything--i want to hear it. if it's something private, screen your comment and i'll reply in the same vein. otherwise i'll figure you won't mind sharing. maybe other people want to listen, too.

hell, the same applies even if i don't know you and you've found your way here. i'll try my best to listen to everything you've got.


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